31 sailors are reported missing, After a Thai naval ship capsizes in the Gulf of Thailand during a storm- View details

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31 sailors are reported missing: A corvette sank overnight in turbulent waters in the Gulf of Thailand, leaving 33 troops missing. On Monday, the Thai military sent out warships and aircraft to search for the missing marines.
The HTMS Sukhothai destroyer experienced an engine failure and went down just before midnight, around 20 nautical miles off the shore. Three naval warships and two helicopters were dispatched to search for the missing.

Thai Warship Sinks, Navy Searches For 33 Missing Marines
Thai Warship Sinks Navy Searches For 33 Missing Marines

Thai Warship Sinks, Navy Searches For 33 Missing Marines

The navy reported that 33 of the 106 people on board were forced to abandon ship during an overnight rescue effort in heavy weather. 31 sailors are reported missing

The military shared photographs and video footage on its Twitter account depicting a group of sailors in orange jackets in a black inflatable raft rushing away from a ship in darkness as waves crested around it. It was unclear how many rafts had been launched.

What is the navy’s official explanation for the disaster?

According to Admiral Pogkrong Monthardpalin, a military spokeswoman, this has almost never happened in the navy’s history, especially to a still-operational cruiser.

The Sukhothai, a US-built corvette in service since 1987, was battered by powerful waves on Sunday, causing it to tip to one side before getting filled with saltwater, according to military spokeswoman Admiral Pogkrong Monthardpalin. 31 sailors are reported missing

A picture supplied by the navy showed the grey warship rolled over onto its side, while another image on a scanner screen showed the nose of the ship and a gun turret jutting out above the waterline as it went down. 31 sailors are reported missing

On Sunday, the ship was on patrol 32 kilometers east of Bang Saphan in Prachuap Khiri Khan province when it became stuck in a storm. Images posted to the Thai Navy’s Twitter account show the battleship leaning to the starboard side and assisting rescue boats looking for survivors in strong waves. 31 sailors are reported missing

Three navy ships and helicopters were despatched to aid. However, only the HTMS Kraburi arrived before the ship sunk. According to the navy, the frigate rescued the majority of the crew of the Sukhothai. In the sea…

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